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What's Happening

October is Orthodontic Awareness Month

To recognize Orthodontic Awareness Month, we are having a drawing for three Crest ProHealth Orthodontic kits.  Included is Crest Toothpaste, Crest Mouthwash and a Crest Oral-B electronic  toothbrush with bluetooth capabilities to monitor your brushing thru your smartphone.  Fill out your entry on your appointment--we just need your name and a phone number.  



Discount for Service

militaryDr. Darbro has announced that he intends to offer a discount off the portion of the treatment fee not covered by insurance for patients with spouses, parents, or guardians serving actively in the armed services. This discount is in tribute to the heroes who make this country a safe and wonderful nation!


Texts for Appointments

texting for appointmentsThe future is now! You can now receive appointment reminders on your phone! The text message will appear about one hour before your appointment. If you have already signed up for our email notification you can easily activate this additional feature online in the Update Info option, or you can simply call Liz at 317.888.6090 for details! (Be aware that when your cell phone number has the word "Activate" next to it, it is inactive at the time—clicking on the word will activate the service.)


Excellence in Invisalign

Dr. Darbro is excited to announce that Invisalign technologies are now available to adolescent patients. Whereas before, Invisalign was typically used to treat adult or older teen patients, technological advancements have designed a treatment for younger jaws.  Dr. Darbro is particularly excited about several design aspects of Invisalign Teen and is using it almost exclusively for those patients who do not want braces.



New Technology in the Office

We have the latest model of the iTero intraora scanner.  By taking a video of your teeth we have the data to make a digital model of your teeth and bite.  This means that RARELY do we take impressions with the goop and goo of alginate.  The best part is that you can watch the process while we are doing it.  We do scans before and after treatment--have you had yours?


Brace Safe Cookbook

Coconut Cake

Brace Safe Cookbook

1 box white cake mix, prepared
1 can Eagle Brand condensed milk
1 can cream of coconut
1 container Cool Whip


Fix cake as directed. Poke holes in cake. Mix condensed milk and cream of coconut and pour over cake. Frost with Cool Whip. Refrigerate.


Prophy Contest Winner

Prophy winnerGetting your teeth cleaned every six months can get you more than a pretty smile. Here at Dr. Darbro's office, we reward our patients by placing their name in a drawing. Simply take one of our "See-Your-Dentist" entry forms with you to your visit and have the dentist/hygienist fill it out. When you come back to see us, drop your entry form into the jar at the front desk. If your name is drawn, you win a Mall Gift Certificate!! This drawing is held in January and July, so be sure to visit your dentist.


Map Queries

In today's modern times, it is commonplace to search for addresses and locations via the internet using such sites as Google Maps, MapQuest, etc. While these sites are helpful, sometimes certain addresses are difficult for these sites to locate. Unfortunately, our office is one of these addresses! This is due to our parking lot being considered a road (Breckenmore Drive). Google Maps correctly locates our office address, but other sites will send you too far south. Should you use one of these other map sites, please be sure that your destination is NORTH of Fry Road on S.R.135. Another option is to use this alternate address in your search:

755 S.R.135
Greenwood, IN 46142

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