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Darbro Dollars

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Our way of rewarding good oral hygiene and cooperation while you are in orthodontic treatment.

Rule #1:

You can only receive Darbro Dollars if you have an appliance cemented in your mouth or have braces on. These things require extra attention when brushing and your commitment to clean teeth will pay off!

NEWS FLASH!!    Invisalign patients now get Darbro Dollars!!  We recognize that you still need to brush AND you have to keep those trays in 22/7!

Rule #2:

You can only receive Darbro Dollars once a month. The exceptions to the rule are those patients that have an expander only. This is because of the shorter length of treatment time for our expander only patients! If you have braces, even minimal, or a lip bumper you can only receive Darbro Dollars once a month.

Rule #3:

You can only receive 3 Darbro Dollars per appointment if you have expander and lip bumper. This is because there is more to clean around and more expected of those patients with braces. This includes flossing and brushing thoroughly around each bracket.

Rule #4:

Your Cooperation counts! This means that there is nothing broken and the time prescribed for elastics and/or headgear are being followed faithfully. If this is not being done the amount of Darbro Dollars that could be received decreases!

Rule #5:

6-28-11 darbro dollarThe guidelines for good brushing are as follows. To get 6 Darbro Dollars you have to follow Rule #4 and there cannot be any plaque on the teeth or the ties. If there is plaque on the teeth and/or ties, but Rule #4 was followed 3 Darbro Dollars may be given. If there is an excess of plaque on the teeth and/or Rule #4 was not followed there will not be any Darbro Dollars given.


  • 12 Darbro Dollars -- $5.00 Gift Card @ Toys R' Us or Dairy Queen
  • 24 Darbro Dollars -- $10.00 Luca Pizza Di Roma or Starbucks Gift Card
  • 30 Darbro Dollars -- 2 Movie Passes @ Regal Cinemas
  • 60 Darbro Dollars -- $20 American Express Card or $25.00 Target Gift Card or $25.00 Best Buy Gift Card

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